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Donate to the Band


We are very proud to have one of the most well-rounded and successful programs in the county.  With over 200 students, the program offers a diverse musical experience for all members and includes the following performance ensembles:

  • ​The award-winning Kell High School Marching Band

  • The award-winning Kell Wind Ensemble

  • Concert Band and Symphonic Bands

  • Chamber Ensembles

  • Percussion Ensembles

  • Color Guard/Winter Guard

  • Jazz Ensemble


Share our commitment to the students and families of Kell High School Bands by contributing your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION today.  Your generous financial support makes possible the positive learning environment that encourages our students and helps them develop into the leaders of tomorrow.


High school band is more than just kids playing instruments.  It's an opportunity to be a part of an organization committed to showcasing incredible musical talent and serving as a representative of Kell High School and the Kell community.  Band also teaches valuable personal skills like self-discipline, personal accountability, and time management in a way that almost no other high school course can.  It's a great learning experience that just happens to be a lot of FUN as well.


However, participation does come with a price.  The cost to provide uniforms, quality instruments, instruction and other equipment must be covered by individual students.   We would like to extend you the opportunity to help provide a wonderful band experience to high school students while helping the community at large. 


There are 2 ways you can help.  Click on the graphic below to learn more about each program.  In addition to donating via PayPal, you can also mail checks to KBBA at the address listed at the bottom of this page.

This program offsets the cost to individual students by raising funds needed for appropriate equipment. 

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F.A.N.S. (Financial Aid for Needy Students) is a program to help offset the cost of participation in the band program.  

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Choose your level of sponsorship

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